About Us

Our Background is Compassionate Cannabis


Our founders operated legal and compassionate cannabis operations under Proposition 215 in California for four years prior to founding Chief Biological Development. Today we operate with the same values of compassion and radical transparency, putting customers ahead of profits. This background separates us from many new hemp and cannabidiol companies entering the market who are focused on capitalizing on the hemp trend with disregard for the consumer or the environment.

Supporting Community Health and Social Equity


We support the causes of improving environmental and community health through several programs. As supporters of the American Lung Association's Climb for Clean Air program we sponsored a local team in their efforts to climb Mount Rainier and raise money for lung research and smoking cessation education. We also were headline sponsors of the 2018 Wilton Rancheria Tribe's Breast Cancer Awareness Walk, providing complementary education and samples of CBD products. As a half minority-owned company we value and are humbled by the opportunity to serve under-represented populations within the hemp industry and our communities.

Environmental Consciousness & Sustainable Practices


We strive to take the greener road at every turn. From our recyclable glass and BPA-free packaging to our petroleum-free products, we are constantly working to reduce our footprint and know there is always room to do better. Our retail displays are made of 100% recycled cardboard and are 100% recyclable. As stewards of our lands, we are pursuing technologies that increase access and decrease cost for renewable hemp-based bio-polymers, paper, and retail packaging solutions.  


Austin White

Austin has a background in Environmental Science with a focus in Sustainability. As a medical cannabis patient with multiple lung diseases, in 2013 he combined his passion for sustainability with product formulation with the goal of creating products with high bio-availability, low costs to consumers, and environmental consciousness.  As the CEO and product formulator for Chief Biological, he brings the same values of being a high quality industry leader with a focus on sustainable production to the hemp cosmetic and personal care industry. 

Ian Dixon

Ian comes from a history of serial entrepreneurship, starting and running successful businesses in the financial, real estate, insurance, medical cannabis,  industrial hemp, nightlife, and food industries. As a Sonoma State University graduate with a degree in Economics his passion for business development, networking, and capital raising helps to keep Chief Biological Development on its course.